In Living Colour

Jason Logan is available for speaking engagements, workshops and artist talks. Clients from TD Bank to Google's sidewalk labs to The New York Times and the Design Exchange have recognized that The Toronto Ink Company is more than just an inkmaker its a revolution in natural colour that uses the street foraging as a jumping off point for thinking about community, innovation and opening eyes and minds to the beauty at their feet.   For inquiries and collaborations please email


City Builder

Jason Logan's Campaign Toronto Needs a Creative Director was chosen by The Centre for Social Innovation as 2016 Agent of Change.  


Hands-on foraging workshops

The Toronto Ink Company has worked with Doors Open Toronto, the McMichael Gallery, Oakville Galleries, Big on Bloor, the Mercer Union and many other groups and organization to craft foraging and inkmaking workshops that bring like to the city.


Community Engagement

In 2017 Logan lead a discussion and workshop with Siri Agrell, Luke Anderson of stopogap and Canada Post at YYZ Galleries in an event attended by politicians, artist and culture producers and covered by The Toronto Star.

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